Web Development & I.T. Consultancy

Website Development

We develop many types of site, from single pages sites, to CMS driven sites through to complex backends with hundreds of custom screens. We take a somewhat different approach to development, rather than plug together a series of off the shelf systems together to create a sort of code golem that kind of works most of the time providing the nessesary rituals are observed, we tend to focus on more efficient and tailored solutions using our own lightweight CMS or web framework as a base. If you want someone to chuck together a wordpress install with some plugins we are not that kind of developer.


Extranets & Intranets

Most of our current work involves creating bespoke web based business management systems, running either as an extranet or intranet. These sorts of systems typically serve as a hub, being the main software that a business uses whilst also plugging in to online services such as accounting, email, messaging, online storage, e-marketing and social media to provide a focused work environment tailored to businesses specific workflows. The main driving forces behind these kinds of systems are to increase internal operative awareness, reduce "busy work" and automate as much as possible.

I.T. Consultancy

We work with businesses to recommend, install and manage hardware, software and services that can help improve their work flows. We can advise businesses about existing solutions or develop something just for them. We look at technology at all stages of development, from research papers through to prototyping and release ( what will be available & when ) so that you can make the most informed decisions about your future I.T. solutions.


I.T. Support

We manage business computer and telephony equipment and services throughout South West Cornwall, UK, based on the Lizard peninsula near Helston. Day or night we're just a call or email away. All I.T. technologies are supported.

Technology Experience

Advanced: PHP, HTML, CSS, LESS, Sass/SCSS, SQL, Javascript, Node.js, Delphi/Pascal, Windows Server ( AD/GP/IIS ), Linux, Android, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite, Memcache, Network Routing, DNS ( BIND / MS-DNS ), PoE, CCTV & Webcam, Synology + QNAP & other NAS, Ubiquiti, Xero API

Intermediate: Python, Ruby, C#, C, C++, ASP.NET, CoffeeScript, Typescript, Nginx, Lighttpd, Redis, MongoDB, Neo4j, Riak, Wordpress, Drupal, BSD, MS SQL, Oracle, Postgres, cPanel, WHM, Plesk, SIP, RTSP, Mac OS, iOS

Basic: VHDL, IC & electronic circuits, Assembly, Go, Dart, Arduino, Rasperry Pi, Home Automation, Lightwave, Z-Wave.

Other: We have an interest in all technology so if we haven't got hands-on experience with something we will probably know about it and have looked in to it. Past a certain experience level, technology has a common language to it which facilitates intuitive use of new technologies, we are past that level so whatever you might need we can probably handle it.


Holiday Property Rental Agency Software

We have a booking & holiday property agency management system called FlexiLett that we've been working on for several years, as an example it is used on although virtually all of the visible part of the system is in the backend ( hundreds of admin screens/tools/reports ). If you are interested send us an email and we can arrange a demo & discuss your needs further.