Software Development & I.T. Consultancy

Website Development

We develop many types of site, from single pages sites through to complex CMS powered sites with thousands of pages. We also operate a fleet of extremely speedy dedicated and cloud web servers. Unlike most developers, we do not give you a wordpress install, throw every plugin under the sun at it and call it a day - so if that is what you want you'd better look elsewhere!


Bespoke Software

We develop custom Windows desktop software, services and scripts for all manner of purposes, from utilities to process and organise your documentation to sprawling suites of software to manage every aspect of your business. Most software is moving on to the web these days however some tasks will always be better as a locally run programs and we can make them!

I.T. Consultancy

We work with businesses to recommend, install and manage hardware, software and services that can help improve their work flow. We can advise businesses about existing solutions or develop something unique.


I.T. Support

We manage business computer and telephony equipment and services throughout South West Cornwall, UK, based on the Lizard peninsula near Helston. Day or night we're just a call or email away.

Technology Experience

Advanced: PHP, HTML, CSS, LESS, Sass/SCSS, SQL, Javascript, Node.js, Delphi/Pascal, Windows Server ( AD/GP/IIS ), Linux, Android, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite, Memcache, CCTV & Webcam, Synology, Ubiquiti WiFi System

Intermediate: Python, Ruby, C#, C, C++, ASP.NET, CoffeeScript, Typescript, Nginx, Lighttpd, Redis, MongoDB, Neo4j, Riak, Wordpress, Drupal, BSD, MS SQL, Oracle, Postgres, cPanel, WHM, Plesk, SIP, RTSP

Basic: VHDL, IC & circuit design, Assembly, Go, Dart, Mac OS, iOS


Holiday Property Rental Agency Software

We have a booking & holiday property agency management system called FlexiLett that we've been working on for several years, as an example it is used on although virtually all of the visible part of the system is in the backend ( hundreds of admin screens/tools/reports ). If you are interested send us an email and we can arrange a demo & discuss your needs further.